Elina Immonen

I did my PhD with Prof. Mike Ritchie at the University of St Andrews, in Scotland, working on reproductive genetics of Drosophila females. I moved to Uppsala University, Sweden, in 2012, where I worked with Prof. Göran Arnqvist first as a post-doc, then as a researcher, studying sex-specific consequences of mitochondrial genetic variation. Group leader since 2018.







PhD students:

Philipp Kaufmann

During my undergraduate at the University of Basel (Switzerland, supervised by Prof. Lukas Schärer) I studied the impact of social environment on the reproductive behaviour of free-living hermaphroditic flatworms (i.e., outcrossing vs. self-fertilization).

For my PhD studies I switched to work on Callosobruchus maculatus, and I am interested in the question of how males and females can express sexual dimorphism in homologous traits such as body size and coloration, while sharing the vast majority of their genes. By using a combination of artificial selection, quantitative and molecular genetics we want to unravel and understand the genetic mechanisms that allow to reduce the conflict between the sexes over optimal expression of shared traits and therefore for sexual dimorphism to evolve.



Julian Baur (main supervisor Dr. David Berger)


MSc students:

Magnus Jonsson

Project on the evolution and genetic architecture of sexual dimorphism in coloration in C. maculatus.


BSc students:

Jiaqi Lu

Project on disentangling the relative roles of sexual and sexually antagonistic selection for generating and maintenance of inter-individual variation in behavioural syndromes.