August 2022

Happy to welcome Milena Trabert to the team! Milena will do a PhD on sex chromosome evolution in seed beetles.

January 2021

Really pleased to welcome Axel Wiberg to our team to do a post-doc studying gene expression evolution in response to sex-specific selection. 

August 2021

My first PhD student’s first chapter published in Nature Ecology and Evolution. Very well done Philipp and big thanks to our collaborators Matthew and Arild!

You can find the paper here

March 2021

Welcome Martyna Zwoinska as the new postdoc in the lab! Martyna will be studying the molecular signatures of different forms of experimental sex-specific selection during the evolution of sexual size dimorphism.

On 26th Josefine Stångberg successfully defended her PhD. I had the pleasure to co-supervise her to the finishing lines. Grattis Josefine!

November 2019

Thank you VR for the Starting Grant, couldn’t be happier.

September 2019

I had the honour to participate in William Toubiana’s PhD defence in Lyon (supervisor Dr. Abderrahman Khila) as one of the three opponents. Exciting experience and a really interesting thesis.

August 2019

Really pleased to welcome James Howie as a postdoc to join our team! James will tackle experimentally how sex-specific selection on body size shapes the seed beetle transcriptome.

February 2019

Recently I had the pleasure to join EU COST Action EuroScitizen which is a research network that aims to identify targeted strategies that will raise levels of scientific literacy in Europe using evolution as a model. We had a successful kick-off meeting in Porto, and for the next four years we will for example be working on how to improve scientist’s engagement in outreach.

19th February 2018

Excited to welcome Philipp Kaufmann, from the Uni of Basel, as my first PhD student to embark on a project to investigate how to reduce the intersexual genetic correlation.

10-11th February 2018

Celebrating evolution and Darwin’s 209th birthday with an outreach event at the Stockholm Natural History Museum. With a big team from Uppsala University we have been teaching kids and their parents about different aspects of evolutionary theory, from phylogenies to life-histories. Our focus was on sex-specific selection and evolution of sexual dimorphism, what else ;). Check more about our Darwin Day here. 

23rd November 2017

Just learned that our work on mtDNA effects on reproductive senescence was recommended in the F1000Prime as an article of “special significance in its field”. Thank you Dr J. Tower!

21st November 2017

Got my first first-author review article accepted for publication in Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology, in a special issue on the evolution of pace-of-life syndromes. Our review is titled “Evolution of sex-specific pace-of-life syndromes: genetic architecture and physiological mechanisms” written together with a great POLS team of Maja Tarka, Anni Hämäläinen and Wiebke Schuett!

15th November 2017

Very happy to start as a co-supervisor for PhD student Julian Bauer! We will for example work together to explore how tissue allometry evolves under sex-specific selection.

31st October 2017

Join my lab to do a PhD! I have a fully funded 4-year PhD position available, starting in February 2018 (negotiable). In the project we will use artificial selection to help to mimic how sex-specific selection might operate to increase sexual dimorphism and then study the consequences of this on genome and transcriptome evolution to understand better what it takes for females and males to evolve differences.

15th October 2017

I’m excited to soon join the Evolutionary Biology program, at the Uppsala Uni’s Dept. of Ecology and Genetics, as an Assistant Professor, starting in January 2018!!